Guest Post #23: iamjonnyking – “From Tweeting To Meeting: Online. UpFront. InPerson”

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As I type onto this screen, it is some seven days after the event that you are about to read.

The living - Life - plays by the rules of its own game as each moment moves breathtakingly on from the next.

As I push pause; you push play; as we move forward; take a breath.

Speaking of moving; the one with pictures, frames many things to our captivated consciousness as its code continually informs!

A myriad of possibly subjects - matter - while others - not so much - and in a sporting creed; the code of Union beamed onto our viewing screens, makes the pilgrimage as easy as 1+2=3 for the fan.

Total Rugby - Not a Calculator cross-over anywhere; but that’s for another past time.

As it relates to the man, Robert Brian Skinstad and rugby – He has been a Frame perpetuated on a Screen. A Myth conceptualised in Silence. A Tweep connected through a Cable. But, would very soon, be an embodiment of reality for at least a moment or two!

Welcome to this Kaleidoscope of a Moment!

No, I didn’t just drop in on Bob because he happened to be in the area.  Although, such an idea has merit!

What had brought Bob to New Zealand would be of legendary status, as four Rugby World Cup winners… and Peter Fitzsimmons… would speak on their experiences at a Gala Dinner in aid of raising funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in New Zealand.  Many millions of dollars in need!

Legends? The Evidence of Names - David KirkJohn EalesBob SkinstadWill Greenwood.

I would head north to Hamilton - you must have a good reason to visit the Tron, ask Chris Latham! - I had one.  After many months of social media beginnings that would grow into a working connectivity, Bob Skinstad would finally have the opportunity to meet iamjonnyking. #Humour

How could one really disappoint?!

Successful rugby icons enjoy the rare air in both our cultures.  Like any individual who has acquired such status, they can seem to many like they are living on a perpetually ascending elevator, while the rest are bedraggling themselves up the stairs, one at a time.

If this perception meets your reality, theirs is a world away, and the daunting prospect is coming face to face.

The answer to any such venture is to grasp the individual through the commonness that is your humanity.  While culture elevates and separates; the equality that should be evident in one’s humanity is the paradigm for any and all of the human interaction transaction.

Social Media can encourage this reality, which is the platform where we would first interact, but perceptions of the player - on the field - would be my initial port of recall.

Two Words - Glamour Boy - This will not be the first time he reads the following words, as I did tell him so.  However, given his physical gifts, I have an opinion that he would have been better utilised in All Black.  This is no disrespect to all that he achieved as a proud man of the Republic, but underscores his Zinzan Brooke abilities that would have fitted much better in the way of our rugby world!

I remember sitting up and taking notice in 07, as he seemed to ascend.

Fast forward to 2010, after an O.E. in the E.N.G., and now a Mediated Man

Yes, probably shouldn’t forget a certain Rugby World Cup, but I’m a kiwi, and I’d rather not. ;-)

While this would all make a mark; it wouldn’t be until a certain bird entered the arena that he would fully grasp my attention!

Tweet Tweet - Twitter is an interesting phenomenon.  Words sent on a timeline, and even when not getting feedback; inculcating still!  It would be late 2010, after some banterific interaction that he would search out the wordiness that would be progressively unleashed on the shoreline that is before you.

Just think what you could have been missing out on?! Bears not!

Hamilton - Descriptions can only detail so much.  He had acquired one a seat at this swanky do, and while I was far away from the cheap seats; I was a table beside!

Cue the Music

My phone would be pointed in his direction as I wanted to capture the moment. Getting out of his seat, he would make his way over to my table, and as I would extend out my hand; he, with the words – “bring it in close,” pulled me in for a manly embrace - it was a moment that even moved the table, as their audible exclamation was on note!

"Bring it in close!"

Before Dinner was served, we would take in the quality line-up one after another, as all the Legends had plenty of stories about the past and the players.  While this experience was indeed grand, it would be post the Gala moments when there was much freedom in sharing that provides the snap-shots to savour!

Finishing off the State of Origin between Queensland and NSW, talk would move to a smorgasbord of living under the Sun!  Too numerous contexts to number, but there was plenty of back and forward with all.  I have to say I didn’t expect the candor from the Nobody in the room… Eales!

Unfortunately, one had to be up early the next morning, and as time went past 2, we would finish off with the potential in some future plans, and looked forward to more opportunities in this year of 2011!

We said, Goodbye.  He cried - a little – as the doors closed one last time!  Okay, that wasn’t true – was a lot! ;-)

Andrea Bocelli is cued as he smooths into another refrain!

Bob was beside himself when they were finally separated :-)

Here goes the tough question; does the up close and personal Bob Skinstad do justice to the perception in your living room?

If your perception is of a very warm, down to the ground, easy on the interaction, looking to maximise his potential referential; you are pretty close to the mark.

However, I am not one to leave it so colourless.

Therefore, let me transcend the plain prose and encapsulate it with the following refrain that was bubbling away a day or so later after this convocation.

It was such a short time, but I miss that momentary kaleidoscope already!

Not quite a Kaleidoscope but I assure you, the cameraman tried his best.

You see we walk this journey in our sun-scorched lands, pilgrimages that carry us on; if we walk these alone, our souls weary with ache, for those who will join in with our song.

Small town poets wherever you are; lift up your voices, please enter in; join hands with me, and artist; sing your song!

Until Next Time… You Keep on Singing!

iamjonnyking… Humming Along!

Postscript: I have one final thing to say… Guam!  My lips will remain silent, but Bob may be worth an appeal, as this was one word caught on repetition that may encapsulate the perception! ;-)

You can Connect with iamjonnyking on TwitterFacebook, and on his numerous Blogs: iamjonnykingMcCawesomeness and the latest, McCawesome.

Photos courtesy of iamjonnyking.

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